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M.M. Genet

After reading an article in the Guardian Newspaper about how chastity belts were an invention in Gothic Fiction (Much like the fangs of Dracula) M. decided to explore the rich history of the legendary devices. The research into chastity belts was fascinating but also suppressive to women. Wanting to write about a beautifully brave woman who wields sex like a gunslinger, she entwined a confident woman in Jane Austen’s England with a Gothic symbol of female sexuality. The end result is Cassandra, a “Lady of Keys”.

Turning a chastity belt into a prize to be won by the richest person in the room, M.M. Genet’s character puts sexual power back into the hands of her lead female character. Seduction becomes a road of many paths when the playing field is level. M was tired of the same old romance and erotica female seduction.

M.M. Genet writes other genres of fiction under another name but her work retains a similar theme throughout. Strong yet flawed female characters trying to make their way through the world, inviting adventure as well as sexy companions to come along for the ride.

Ms. Genet continues to write the Lady of Keys series. She also has other romance and erotic stories available at her website

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