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Tease from Lela Bay’s Mud & Mistletoe

Clarissa is used to the privilege that comes with power. As the daughter of nobility, she is bored to attend the ball of a family friend at her country estate, … Continue reading

September 7, 2018

Binge Watching 7 British Romances on Amazon Prime

I spent the summer in the chaos of moving, my teenager learning to drive, and unbearable heat waves, so I needed downtime ripe with romantic promise and quiet words. These … Continue reading

August 24, 2018

Crushing on an Actor?

It’s easy to form a crush on a character. On the big or small screen, and especially in books, we can watch the character struggle, improve, take hits, and form … Continue reading

August 3, 2018

Saying no to loved ones

I have a hard time saying no to my loved ones. I want to make them happy. If a little inconvenience for me can make a difference for them, I’ll … Continue reading

July 27, 2018

Celebrating a Fresh Start

I’m moving. It’s a move to a bigger, better house. It’s within the same town. Really, it’s all an upgrade with nearly no drawbacks. And yet, I find it stressful. … Continue reading

July 6, 2018

Violet’s Romance in Incredibles 2

Incredibles 2 explores young love as a relatable theme in the form of teenage Violet Parr. She’s just a shy kid trying to figure things out, and sometimes that means … Continue reading

June 22, 2018 · Leave a comment

Discovering Romance

These were books I felt like I discovered, even if it later turned out that many of the best were already recognized in the genre. To me, they were new, and mine, and something I figured out. I don’t think that’s something I can duplicate for my daughter.

May 18, 2018 · Leave a comment