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An Argument For Witty Conversation

An Argument For Witty Conversation

by M.M. Genet

Let me take you back to a simpler time.  2014 to be exact.  The Winter Olympics were in Sochi, kids were dancing to Gangnam Style and Scotland had its referendum. I remember all of those things.  But somehow I missed the romantic movie starring Daniel Radcliffe, Zoe Kazan and Megan Park in, “What If.” I confess, I only recently stumbled upon this gem on Amazon Prime.

Many romance enthusiasts I know love a smart guy.  Brains are just as important and sexy as body.  “What If” delivers just such a much sought after leading man, Wallace.

Okay, Wallace may be witty and smart but at the start of the movie he hasn’t made the best life choices.  He’s left his final year of medical school due to a broken heart. (Okay, perhaps Wallace is a bit too sensitive in the beginning as well.) What Wallace lacks in assertiveness, he makes up for a quick thinking and graciousness when the friend card is dealt to him by Chantry, the leading lady played by Zoe Kazan.

The two meet at a party hosted by Wallace’s college roommate (Adam Driver) and their romance is off to the races, even if neither of them is willing to admit it.  Chantry is creative, stylish and yet completely committed to her five year relationship with her current boyfriend.  When said boyfriend is transferred to Ireland for work, the natural progression of falling in love blossoms between Chantry and Wallace.  Unlike so many romance movies, the dialog is smart, quick and funny.

For example, when Wallace gives a best man speech, he admits his two friends Allan and Nicole drive most people crazy. Therefore, he concludes, their meeting was kismet. If Alan (Adam Driver) and Nicole can fall in love, then there’s hope for everyone who is single.  “That’s the good news,” he says.  “The bad news is that you two will procreate someday and start the zombie apocalypse with your offspring.”

Zoe, is Wallace’s banter equal.  When Wallace says he’s made the difficult decision and is returning to medical school, she lies at first and tell him its great.  When he asks if she means it, she confesses, “No, I’ve always hated doctors and therefore you’re basically going to become the Anti-christ.”

There seems to be nothing these two can’t say to each other except the simple but vulnerable-filled three words they should say. Everything hangs in the balance when Zoe must decide if she’s leaving her five year relationship for her own job promotion in China (or is she really breaking it off and moving around the world because she has feelings for Wallace?)

If you read my monthly posts, you know I don’t often recommend movies.  I usually prefer books.  “What If” is one of those rare exceptions.  

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M. M. Genet writes stories with fresh, new plot lines and strong, female characters. Her erotica and romance are steamy and original. She writes other genres of fiction under a pen name but her work retains a similar theme throughout. Strong yet flawed female characters trying to make their way through the world, inviting adventure as well as sexy companions to come along for the ride.


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