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Love Bytes: Stardew Valley

Love Bytes: Stardew Valley

By Naching T. Kassa

Romance can be found in many forms of media. From movies, books, and television shows to comic books, mobile games, and video games, love can be found anywhere.

You can even find it in Stardew Valley.Stardew 1

Stardew Valley is a video and mobile game created by Eric Barone. Inspired by games such as “Harvest Moon,” Barone programmed his RPG as a farming simulation. You play a character who has come to Stardew Valley in order to take over the farm of a late grandfather. Your character can farm, fight monsters, mine, forage, sell products, raise livestock and socialize with the other people in the village. Your character can even get married and have children.

The relationships in Stardew Valley are really interesting depending on who you’ve chosen as your main character and who your significant other is. You must establish a friendship with someone before you can take the next step toward romance, and certain characters can only be wooed with certain foods at certain times of the year.

Stardew 2 sebastianSome of the characters benefit your farm better than others in the game, but who really cares about that? People want to marry who they want and there are plenty of people to choose from in the Valley. My favorite is the goth (perhaps vampire?) Sebastian. Sebastian is always hanging out in the hills by himself, and he loves rainy weather and nighttime. It’s fun to go out at midnight and see him in the village. Just be careful what you feed him. He’s a picky eater!

Anyone can fall in love in the Valley, and your relationship doesn’t have to be heterosexual. Same-sex relationships are also available in the game.

Stardew Valley can be played anywhere. It’s available on Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, Steam, Apple,Stardew Valley 3. jpg and Android devices.

I highly recommend this fun and relaxing game. Give it a try today.

This is Naching T. Kassa for Meant to Be Press.

About Naching T. Kassa

Naching T. Kassa is a wife, mother, and Horror writer. She’s created short stories, novellas, poems, and co-created three children. She lives in Eastern Washington State with Dan Kassa, her husband and biggest supporter. Naching is a proud member of the Horror Writers Association and Mystery Writers of America. She is an Interviewer for, and an Assistant at Crystal Lake Publishing.


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