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Meant to Be Press Presents: Meant to Be…MYSTIFIED!

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Meant to Be Press, the press which brings you the best in romance fiction, announces the release of Meant to Be…MYSTIFIED, the fifth volume in the Love Notes Series.


November 5, 2021 – Meant to Be Press is proud to present the anthology, Meant to Be…MYSTIFIED, edited by Naching T. Kassa. Every romance begins with an element of mystery, and these five tales are no exception. Cozy up with a whodunnit at a ski resort, a scandalous nuptial theft, the secret held by an antique table, supernatural murders in a small town, and a ghostly encounter at a Regency wedding. Can you solve these puzzles before the amorous sleuths? Or are you…MEANT TO BE…MYSTIFIED!

“The Case of the Empty Bed” by Naching T. Kassa

It’s time for the Arthur Awards at the International Mystery Writers Conference, and Mina Matsuhara is a Guest of Honor. She’s invited her boyfriend, Clark Dickinson, along for the weekend. But when the couple arrives, they learn the conference has been canceled.

Not only that, but the other Guest of Honor has been murdered. Can Mina make time for romance and find a killer? Lovers shouldn’t keep secrets in, “The Case of the Empty Bed.”

“The Bride’s Missing Knickers” by Lela Bay

When the bride’s knickers go missing, her sister, Ada Mae, calls on a friend of the groom to help find them. Will he solve the mystery of the missing underwear before the bride calls the wedding off? Help him find the missing knickers in… “The Bride’s Missing Knickers.”

“The Mystery of the Antique Table” by Kate Nox

When antique dealer, Charles Mortimer, finds a cryptic note begging him not to sell an imported table before a specific day and time, he cannot help but be dragged into a mystery. Concealing the matter from his partner, he awaits the mysterious writer. An unknown woman approaches Charles at the appointed time, only to be dragged away by her husband. Something tells him she is the writer, but what is her story? Find out in “The Mystery of the Antique Table.”

“Hair of the Dog” by M.M. Genet

Amanda promised herself it was just a quick, weekend trip to her tiny hometown for a visit to help her mother. Instead, she found herself in the middle of a double homicide with ties to a deadly Ojibwe legend and a string of historical murders. As the body counts rise, Amanda will join forces with the impeccably handsome Sheriff Ashton. Together they will race against all odds to stop the monster at their doorstep in “Hair of the Dog.”

“Mr. Nash’s Wedding Ghost” by Emmy Z. Madrigal

After losing his wife in childbirth, Mr. Nash finally has another chance at love with the beautiful Cecelia Montague. But someone has come to their wedding weekend that wasn’t invited. Is it the ghost of his deceased wife? Or is someone else trying to ruin their perfect day? Discover the truth in, “Mr. Nash’s Wedding Ghost.”

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About Naching T. Kassa

Naching T. Kassa is a wife, mother, and Horror writer. She’s created short stories, novellas, poems, and co-created three children. She lives in Eastern Washington State with Dan Kassa, her husband and biggest supporter. Naching is a proud member of the Horror Writers Association, Head of Publishing and Interviewer for, and an Assistant at Crystal Lake Publishing.

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