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The Inspiration for… Contact High

Raul is one of the more interesting characters I’ve written in the Sweet Dreams Series. Although he is filled with faults, he seems to be the underdog that everyone either loves or loves to hate. During the series, he pines for Victoria at every turn. He chastises himself for not telling her he loves her before she met Rob.

In this prequel short story “Contact High” you get to experience the first time he realizes he loves her and how her infectious upbeat spirit and her singing gift pull him out of a life that is spiraling downwards at the speed of light.

I’ve always loved tragic characters that have faults and try to redeem themselves. Like Carton in The Tale of Two Cities, Raul loves Victoria so much, that he may just make the ultimate sacrifice and let her go so that she can be happy. See the beginning of his love affair in Meant to Be…INSPIRED, “Contact High.”

About Emmy Z. Madrigal

Emmy Z. Madrigal is the author of the upcoming Regency novella, Lord Harrington’s Lost Doe. Her previous works include the Sweet Dreams Musical Romance Series and the novelettes Anime Girl and Anime Girl 2. Emmy has been praised for her realistic portrayal of modern female characters and their will to survive in a world of adversity, prejudice, and economic hardship. Œ Œ Sweet Dreams is a love story, full of adventure, danger, and first experiences. It shows that love can conquer all and that sometimes, love comes when you least expect it. To find out more about Sweet Dreams, go to:


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