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Oct 16th Official Book announcement & Video
Oct 17th Blog tour list released
Oct 18th Announce Facebook Party
Oct 18th The inspiration behind “Cordial Foe”
Oct 19th The inspiration behind “The Phone Booth”
Oct 20th Reminder about Facebook Party
Oct 20th Facebook Party! Facebook Party Event
Oct 21st The inspiration behind “Cursed by Cupid”
Oct 21st Announcement of Facebook LIVE Event
Oct 22nd The inspiration behind “Parsers and Prejudice”
Oct 22nd Michele’s Spooky Romantic Music Video 1
Oct 23rd Twitter watch party announced
Oct 24th Facebook LIVE event announced
Oct 24th Facebook LIVE event with Emmy Z. Facebook LIVE Event
Oct 25th Twitter watch party reminder
Oct 25th Twitter Supernatural Watch Party Twitter Event
Oct 26th Michele’s Spooky Romantic Music Video 2
Oct 26th Excerpt of “Cursed by Cupid” Tim Reynolds’ Blog
Oct 27th Michele’s Spooky Romantic Music Video 3
Oct 28th Excerpt of “Parsers and Prejudice” Rose Fairbanks’ Blog
Oct 28th Excerpt of “The Phone Booth” Selah Janel’s Blog
Oct 29th Michele’s Spooky Romantic Music Video 4
Oct 29th Excerpt of “Cordial Foe” Girl Zombie Authors
Oct 30th Meant to Be….SPOOKED, Podcast edition
Oct 31st Happy Halloween greeting from MTB authors

Falling in love is scary,
especially in these four witty,
otherworldly tales from Meant to Be Press

“Parsers and Prejudice” by Emmy Z. Madrigal
Sometimes digital love is all you got.

In a future world, where men are all but extinct, Laney falls in love with her only companion, a male android built to meet her every need. But when a deadly virus sweeps the bot population, she must do everything she can to save the bot she loves.

“Cursed by Cupid” by Naching T. Kassa
Nothing is scarier than love.

Jane Sanders is a professional matchmaker and her new client is to die for. Henry Roberts is a handsome and charming Englishman, someone every woman would want. There’s just one problem. Henry is also ghost, cursed to appear as each woman’s nightmare. Can Jane aid him in his hunt for true love? Or will she experience her first failure and condemn his soul to hell forever?

“The Phone Booth” by M.M. Genet
What would you give for one last chance?

What would you give to talk one last time to someone you lost? Would you give up your savings, your house or car? How about your best friend or a member of your family? After a tornado hits their small town, the names of the missing gradually become the names of the dead. A haunted phone booth might give Ahi one last chance to call his missing girlfriend.

“Cordial Foe” by H.E. Roulo
Magic isn’t found, it’s made

If not for the magic embroidered into her tattoos, Cherry would already be dead. Isaac’s life revolves around duty and protection, so he hardly has time for the rockabilly woman bringing chaos to his mountain. Sometimes, a little chaos is a wake-up call. Too bad what Cherry wants is at odds with what Isaac has to give. His secrets might be worse than hers.

An anthology of otherworldly love stories from Meant to Be Press authors.
Meant to Be…SPOOKED
Available now on Amazon.

About Emmy Z. Madrigal

Emmy Z. Madrigal is the author of the upcoming Regency novella, Lord Harrington’s Lost Doe. Her previous works include the Sweet Dreams Musical Romance Series and the novelettes Anime Girl and Anime Girl 2. Emmy has been praised for her realistic portrayal of modern female characters and their will to survive in a world of adversity, prejudice, and economic hardship. Œ Œ Sweet Dreams is a love story, full of adventure, danger, and first experiences. It shows that love can conquer all and that sometimes, love comes when you least expect it. To find out more about Sweet Dreams, go to:


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