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Review: Romance is a Bonus Book

We are like books. We wait for people to open and read us.

Romance is a Bonus Book, streamable on Netflix, is a delightful RomCom that will melt your heart. A Korean answer to the American TV Land series, Younger, if you’re a fan of that show and haven’t ever tried to watch subtitled works, I encourage you to try out this one.

Dan-i is a divorcee who was cheated on by her ex-husband and then left penniless and homeless with a daughter to raise on her own. She has to send her daughter off to a boarding school while she tries to re-enter the workforce. But no one wants to hire an over-qualified intern and no one will hire her for the job she’s qualified to do. In the world of advertising, it’s believed someone who has taken a work break is out of touch with current advertising trends. So, Dan-i tears up her credentials and applies as just a high school graduate.

On a particularly bad day, she finds herself homeless, shoeless, and destitute. She starts living in her old friend Eun-ho’s attic without his knowledge. Unbeknownst to Dan-i, Eun-ho has been in love with her for years.

Eun-ho is a young superstar in the publishing world. He writes bestsellers for a publishing house and is the chief editor there. When Dan-i finally lands a job at Eun-ho’s publishing firm, he keeps her secret and eventually asks her to live in his house properly. He even gives her a room with a bed instead of the mat in the attic.

This is a heart-warming love story with many other storylines involved that will keep you interested all the way through this 16-episode season. For those of you who love books and publishing, you will like this even better.

The finale was everything I wished and opened up new questions for a possible 2nd season. Now, I only wait for news of it. Unfortunately, the male star, Lee Jong-suk, has enlisted in the military, so there may not be one to come. But, I can always hope!

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