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You Are the Good Deed

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You Are the Good Deed

by Lela Bay

I have a friend who shares anecdotes and jokes so rapidly all I can do is listen and laugh. We tend to meet for workouts, and it’s the easiest thing for me to get on the elliptical and ask her how her week has been then hold on so I don’t topple with laughter.

I don’t strive to be that entertaining, I’m more comfortable as an appreciative audience. However, I like to think that in my unobtrusive way I still add to people’s comfort and joy. I imagine we all want to do that.

I got to thinking about this because of a couple recent events, starting with my daughter’s birthday last week. I wandered into a fancy bakery that mostly does wedding cakes and got half a dozen cupcakes. They were out of a few flavors, so I had to change up my order. At the register, the woman working there commented that I was the most pleasant person to come in that day. I hardly believed her. “It’s a bakery. Who isn’t happy when they come to a bakery!” I said. She laughed darkly.

I don’t find it hard to be pleasant. I feel like we’re all just doing our best. Honestly, most of the time I’m just trying not to make people’s lives any harder than they need to be.

This week, I took my dog for a walk and caught a city worker replacing the street light in front of my house, which had been torn down when the trees fell. I stopped to chat, and could see him bristle. I told him how the light had gone down and commented that I hadn’t missed it, since it shined in my window.

He told me he just did what he was told. I agreed it was safer with it back, and went on my merry way. The dog and I made it half a block when he shouted after me that he could angle the light away from my house. It wasn’t expected, and I was so happy that my feet were flying for the rest of the walk. I didn’t even know whether it would make a difference, but I was glad that he’d listened to me and responded. It was so nice of him!

In fact, that little bit of angle makes a world of difference outside my window. The kindess of the act, alone, made my world a little brighter.

I doubt we realize all the kindness coming our way on a daily basis. People go about their tasks, and deal with problems we never knew existed. It’s easy to knock mankind for the big failures we see–war, strife, and politics abound–but every day it’s the people around us who are holding our world together.

Let’s give each other some credit.


About Lela Bay

Lela Bay is the author of Ruined Reputations. She lives in a modest house in a modest town with her husband, children, and pets. Despite living so far north, she requires a certain amount of sunshine each day or she gets grumpy. Her hands are always cold, but her heart is warm. When she isn’t writing, she enjoys strolling, gardening, reading, and tea time with friends. Music has always been a large part of her life, and she owns a ridiculous number of instruments. Lela’s favorite romance authors include Laura Kinsale, Jennifer Cruise, and Jane Austen. She enjoys stories with intimacy and humor. Favorite movies include Overboard, All of Me, North & South, Pride and Prejudice (miniseries with Colin Firth, please), The Princess Bride, and While You Were Sleeping. On television she is a fan of Grey’s Anatomy, Downton Abbey, and Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries. She frequently contributes movie and entertainment reviews to Meant to Be Press. Follow Lela on twitter @bay_lela


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