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The Romantic Lyrics of A-ha

I know what you’re thinking… A-ha? Romantic? Isn’t that the “Take on Me” band we never heard from again? Well, yes and no.

A-ha has been m

y favorite band since 1983, when I paid for their first tape with my hard-earned babysitting money. Sure, “Take on Me” was their hit…but the album Hunting High and Low had so much more to offer than just some silly electronic piano notes. Awesome lyrics from “Living a Boys Adventure Tale” and “Train of Thought” kept them on my radar even though the rest of America forgot about them. Ten albums later, I am still an avid listener to their tracks and to me, they never get old.

But we’re here to talk about their romantic lyrics. A lot of their songs have romantic themes and all of them tell a story. Being a writer, I appreciate Pål Waaktaar-Savoy’s lyrical writing style. He’s always telling a story. Sometimes they are horror stories, sometimes they are love stories, or adventure, but they always transport me into a world where anything can happen. If you haven’t listened to their work since the big 80’s “Take on Me” hit, you need to rediscover what they did after and I’m here to help.

“This Alone is Love” – aka…the most romantic song I’ve ever heard…ever.

This may be very “deep” of me to say, but this is my all-time favorite love song because it reaches into my soul and squeezes it with a big fat hug. With very little lyrics, this song is from their third album released in 1988 and not only has a beautiful sound, it speaks words only the truly “deep” will get.

This alone is love, No small thing. This alone is love, is love, That my love brings.

Think of that first touch, the first bump of the hand, the first time he holds your hand. This is one of those songs that evokes such strong feelings in me, I have to stop and listen when it comes on. And yes, maybe I’m a big sappy idiot, but this song will always represent first love to me.

“The Swing of Things” – the way every man in love should look at his woman.

So, you know that look that Darcy gives Elizabeth when she is helping Georgianna at the piano that  says, “I love you, I want to bed you, and I will do so for the rest of my life.” Yeah. Swoon. From their second album, this song at first seems like a man complaining about his wife, or maybe they have split up. At times I even think the song might be about a man with a mental illness like a severe fear of crowds, but this passage will melt you. He needs her, he loves her, and reminiscent of Chicago’s “Remember the Feeling” you can feel the pull of love to the woman he is observing.

When she glows in the dark, And I’m weak by the sight, Of this breathtaking beauty, In which I can hide.
There is a worldful out there, Of people I fear, But given time I’ll get into, The swing of things.
Yes, when she glows in the dark and I’m struck by the sight, I know that I’ll need this for the rest of my life.

This is a love of a man who knows he is connected to this woman so deeply, that without her, he would cease to function, cease to breathe, cease to live.

“Angel in Snow” – a life-long love.

In another song with very little lyrics, A-ha brings us a song for those life-long loves that never die. There is a reason this was my wedding song. From their fifth album, Memorial Beach.

Angel, angel or so, Wherever you may go. I’ll follow. And always will I be there, Shake worries from your hair, I’ll be there.

What everyone wants to hear. I will be there for you. Wherever you go. Full stop. Anywhere. Any place. Any time. Any situation. Ah…amore, amore.

There are more A-ha songs that are romantic, I’ve just given you a little taste. For more blatant romance check out, “Stay on the Roads” (We shall meet, I know), “Shapes That Go Together” (You and I), or “You are the One” ( I do love you, Any way you want me to).

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