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Me Late Chocolate

What goes together better than love and chocolate?

Me Late Chocolate
is a great modern RomCom out of Mexico that we can now enjoy with English subtitles thanks to Netflix.

Monica is a gourmet pastry chef who also happens to have an over-controlling boyfriend. When he takes her on a romantic dinner date to propose, he pisses off one too many waiters and ends up dead, in a pretty funny way. So, the Mafioso boyfriend is dead and she tries to get on with her life.

Monica is serious about chocolate. Her culinary thesis is, “The creation of chocolate that makes heart-ache go away.” When she meets her thesis advisor, Alejandro, whose family is known for chocolate creation, she hopes her life will go smoother.

Without a boyfriend, her friends and family try to fix her up on dates. The problem is, the ghost of her boyfriend shows up on every date to ruin it. All the guys run away, thinking she is crazy talking to herself. But when she starts dating her advisor, the boyfriend seems to go away.

Throw in the advisor’s jealous ex-girlfriend, an eccentric “psychic healer”, and a hot air balloon and this is the quirkiest RomCom I’ve seen in a while. It also has the best love song for us chocoholics, “Chocolate” by Jesse & Joy. This song will have you humming along by the second verse, even if you don’t know Spanish.

“Our love tastes like chocolate, It’s beating heart is filled with marshmallow…”

This is a well-made, exquisitely shot movie, and well worth reading the subtitles.

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