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Tini: The New Life of Violetta

A heart-warming coming of age story, Tini: The New Life of Violetta is an English-dubbed, Spanish film available now on Netflix. This is a must-see for all of my Sweet Dreams readers and anyone who likes music-based stories.

Violetta is a pop star who’s been on tour. When she arrives back home, she finds out her boyfriend Leon (also a pop-star) has been seen with another girl. Rumors, inability to contact him, and one very nasty phone call with his new gal, lead Violetta to believe the worst. Confronted on national TV about the affair, still jet-lagged and reeling from the recent news, she announces her retirement from music. Her fans are understandably heart-broken, but she has been unable to create new songs and with the news of her love life, she breaks down.

In steps her father with a secret location she can hide in Italy. It’s a house filled with talented young creatives. Led by a bohemian matron, the young people accept her with open arms. Along the way, Violetta meets a hot Italian dancer and discovers herself. The house holds not only a refuge from the paparazzi, but also answers about her mother who died when she was a child.

Although made in Spain and Italy, this film was produced by Disney. So, it does have a little of the cheese factor we’ve come to expect from them. However, it’s a beautifully shot film full of heart. I also enjoyed that it did not take the same formula that we usually see in American Disney films.

This is a true love story. The love between a daughter and a mother, a community and their most beloved performer, a girl and her boyfriend, and lastly…a love of music they all share.

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