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Somewhere Only We Know

somewhereonlyweknowI am here again to give a movie tip to those of you who don’t mind watching romances with subtitles.

sowk3Somewhere Only We Know is a charming Chinese production filmed in Prague. The film fluctuates between a modern love story and a love story that took place in the 40’s. It’s currently streaming on Netflix. The audio is Mandarin, but it does have English subtitles.

It’s so different from most Chinese productions because of the location and style. Those who like The Notebook (with a happier ending), or Letters to Juliet will enjoy this flick.

sowk1Jin is a college-age girl who travels to Prague after her grandmother’s death. Researching her grandmother’s death, she finds out about a secret love affair her grandmother had with a mysterious man. As Jin unravels the truth, she also discovers more about herself. During her trek, she encounters Peng, a good looking cello player who seems young and dangerous. However, Peng has lived quite a bit for his young years. He’s a single father taking care of his daughter and his mother, who is bi-poplar.

As Peng helps Jin find her grandmother’s mysterious lover through a letter from the past, they become close and learn secrets about each other.

sowk2I enjoyed this story and how it all unfolded. Although the lead man seems too young to be a good lead, he pulls it off. I think his youth adds to his interest as you find out all he’s gone through and everyone he takes care of. I also like the flashback sequences as they tie Jin to her ancestor and bring about a romance that the modern portions lack. The end of this movie is beautiful and can’t be missed. It’s easy to see why this movie was number one in China the week it released.

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