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Someone Like You, a Chinese Production Sure to Warm Your Heart.

somenelikeyou2I’ve got a great new Chinese series that is sure to win your heart. Now, before you discount it because of the subtitles, let me tell you about it. It’s really worth the read.

Someone Like You (Not to be confused with the 2001 American movie with Ashley Judd and Hugh Jackman), is a series about a young executive who loses his eyesight and his fiancé in one fail swoop when they are involved in a car accident.

Mr. Fang, played by Kingone Wang who was in a famous boy band overseas called Comic Boyz, is adorable in this series. He starts out as the same Mr. ToughGuy we’ve seen a million times, but during the show you get to see him open up in a way that shows he really does care for his family. By losing his eyesight in the crash, he feels inadequate and the way his work world sees him changes too.

slu3 Although a powerful man as Chairman of a huge specialty department store, he hides away when he loses his sight. Rumors fly amongst the media and competitors during his seclusion. Why is he hiding? What’s happened? Was he terribly disfigured? Is he crushed at the loss of his soon-to-be wife? Is he able to go on as the leader of one of the most powerful companies in the country?

To save his family’s legacy, Mr. Fang practices walking the department floors at night when the store is closed. His right hand man, Shen, helps train him how many steps it is from each location so that he can walk in front of the press without them knowing he is blind. It’s quite a trick and he is a success at the press conference, but his competitor Vanessa, Chairman of the second biggest store in the country, has her doubts, which causes more drama.

Essentially a soap opera involving rich young business owners, this story has much more heart than I would have imagined. The business side is there, but you also get to see Mr. Fang struggle with not only the loss of his eyesight and freedom, but also the heart wrenching loss of his true love Louhan.

Cue entry of the girl in this story, Yuxi, played by Taiwanese actress Lorene Ren. Growing up in a town that is only accessible by a gondola lift, Yuxi has spent her life in meager circumstances with her loving mother and a brother who’s always been ill. To make money for his doctor bills, she cons tourists to come up the mountain and pray to her mother posing as a goddess. Some strange things happen next involving some gangsters and such, but in the end she is discovered by Mr. Fang’s right hand man, Shen, who is totally taken aback. Why? Yuxi just happens to be the spitting image of Mr. Fang’s dead fiancé, Louhan. Shen hires her immediately as Mr. Fang’s live-in caretaker. At first he denies the need of a caretaker and is irritated by someone else being “in his space” but soon, he realizes he has some sort of connection with Yuxi and they grow close.somone

Did I mention that Vanessa is pining for Mr. Fang and even conceals his blindness from the press and her own company’s executives? Or that Yuxi has a boyfriend? Or that Yuxi’s boyfriend is Vanessa’s right hand man? Or that Mr. Fang’s step-sister is in love with him? Or that Mr. Fang’s sister soon turns her eyes on Yuxi’s brother, but he’s a priest? And those are only some of the things that keep this incredibly loveable series going. Just wait till you learn the secret of Mr. Fang’s favorite cookies, the reason Yuxi looks just like Louhan, or who Louhan’s heart was transplanted into!

This series definitely kept me guessing and being on Netflix, I couldn’t press “Play Next Episode” fast enough to continue the love story of Mr. Fang and all the others. At times the series is so sweet and loving, at others, it’s heartbreaking. These characters will stay with me for a long time. You can watch the first episode below.

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