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21 Questions with Character: Damian d’Armante

dotaDamian is the hero of Linda Ciletti’s Dream of the Archer, a medieval time travel that takes place in Sherwood Forest.

Hi Damian.  I hope you don’t mind me interviewing you. I promise that it will be a short one.

“Nay. Not at all.”

  1. How did you like living in Sherwood Forest with Robin Hood, and is he a good friend of yours? “’Tis not a manor house, but I like it well enough. And aye, Robyn and I grew up together.”
  2. How long were you at the crusades? “A few years. It did seem like forever.”
  3. What was it like? “’Twas like nothing ever you have seen or wish to see. The land reeked of death. So many lives lost in such a senseless war.”
  4. What was your biggest regret about being there? “The loss of my brother. He insisted on coming with me. He was my twin.”
  5. I’m sorry. Were you glad to finally get back to England? “Aye. ‘Twas all I thought about my entire time in the holy land.”
  6. Why is that? “I was to inherit a great estate. And of course I was eager to once again see Lisbeth, my betrothed.”
  7. Was Lisbeth happy to see you? “She would have been had she not died.”
  8. Oh my. How did she die? “I wish not to speak of it. It was several years ago whilst I was away.”
  9. Fair enough. Subject change. Have you been knighted? “Of course. I am of noble blood.”
  10. So you live by a code or certain vows? “Aye, as do all knights.”
  11. What is your most important vow?    “‘Tis not a knight’s vow, but my own. I did vow to never love again.”
  12. I know losing Lisbeth was a tragedy, but to never love again? Why would you vow that? “I did lose all those close to me—Lisbeth, my parents, my brother. I did think it best to not allow others close to spare them.”
  13. So you think you’re cursed? “Not cursed.  Then again, ‘haps I am.”
  14. How old are you? “Is it relevant?”
  15. No, I just wondered. “I am three score and three.”
  16. A bit young to give up on life and love, don’t you think? “Aye. But I have my reasons.”
  17. I just now noticed the circles under your eyes. Are you not sleeping well? “Nay, always I do have nightmares.”
  18. About what? “I dream of an angel luring me over the same cliff as did Lisbeth step from.”
  19. Could it be Lisbeth’s ghost calling you to be with her? “Nay. The angel of my dreams looks not like Lisbeth. This angel has hair the shade of buttermilk and eyes so pale blue that scarcely can you see the blue at all.”
  20. So she’s very striking? “Aye.”
  21. Do you love this angel in your dreams? “I would be a fool to love her, and I would be a fool not to love her. How can one love someone who is not real?”
    That’s a rather vague answer to the question.
    “Aye. ‘Tis indeed.” (smiles)

About Linda Ciletti

Linda Ciletti grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where she discovered her love for classic fairytales during her many childhood visits to the Hazelwood public library. She now resides in a quaint bungalow in the beautiful Western Pennsylvanian suburbs. She is a member of the Greensburg Writers Group, Ligonier Valley Writers, and a former member of Romance Writers of America. Linda exhibits her love of fairytales, romance, and happily ever afters in the genres of medieval historical, time travel paranormal, contemporary, and fantasy. Her novel, Draegon’s Lair, won the Epic Award for best historical romance. When not serving the writing muse, she immerses herself in illustration and graphics, doing photography, virtual world content creation, and book cover design.


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