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6 Things the Modern Man Can Learn From Mr. Darcy


  1. She might be right.

    I know, novel concept, but if a gal you like tells you why she won’t date you, consider your faults. Is it something you can change or even want to? Maybe she’s waiting for you to make the effort to change so she can see you care. I’m not suggesting to go against your nature or to change something you can’t live with, but if it’s something that will make you a better person, try it.

  2. Tell her you care for her.

    One of the biggest unknowns in dating is how the other person feels. Often guys keep their true feelings locked inside. We want to know. The sexiest thing you can tell a gal is that you dig her. Keeping it hidden to preserve your cool doesn’t do either of you any good.

  3. If you feel for her, fight for her.

    Don’t just tell her, fight for her time. If you’ve got a Wickham (aka…manho) buzzing around her, show her what you can offer that he hasn’t got. Don’t resort to underhanded tricks, but prove to her why you are the better guy just by simply being the better guy.

  4. Allow her to make mistakes and change her mind.

    So, she didn’t like you last summer, what about now? If you feel like your relationship has grown and you still want to pursue her, ask again. Maybe she’s warmed to you. Maybe she’s considered your offer and is seeing you in a different light. Don’t be pushy, but ask again.

  5. Listen to her, take note of her likes/dislikes. You don’t have to agree.

    One of the best things about relationships is our differences. The thought that you have to like the same things is stupid. If there aren’t differences, what will you talk about? Allow her to like what she likes. Take an interest and she’ll take an interest in your things too.

  6. Don’t assume she knows how you feel.

    Guys have often told me they aren’t psychic. That their gals think they should pick up on hints. Well, it’s true for us, too. Although women do tend to be more intuitive than men, we don’t always know what you’re thinking. If you need something different, want something new, or want to take the relationship to the next level, we need to know. Use your words.


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