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Two Subtitled YA Romance Series to Watch on Netflix

For those of you into Asian culture and especially either manga, manhwa, or YA fiction, check out these two series now playing on Netflix streaming.
Good Morning Call started as a Shojo Manga series by Yue Takasuka. Now you can watch the live action version on Netflix streaming. This cute Japanese story starts when Nao and Uehara get conned by a rental scam. They’ve both been rented the same apartment for the same amount. After figuring out they’ve been scammed, they try to track down the rental company but it’s closed down. The person who actually owns the apartment is a nice old lady but she does demand payment. So against social rules and their own better judgment, they decide to live together for the time being until one of them can move out and the other can find a new roommate.

All of this would be great if they were a guy and girl who are friends, but unfortunately Uehara is kind of a snob. He’s the most sought-after guy in school and knows it. He’s rude, condescending, and unforgiving. Nao is the complete opposite. She’s the kindest, sweetest girl you’d ever want to meet. When the Mean Girls in school find out that Uehara and Nao have been spending time together, Uehara says she’s his girlfriend just to stop rumors and anyone snooping around about their living arrangements. I love this series because both actors play their parts really well and the side characters are all interesting too. Sometimes the love story is so heartbreaking on Nao’s part. Sometimes you just want to punch Uehara. However, he grows on you and kind of like Mr. Darcy, he has a reason for his anger. This isn’t an easy love affair. There are lots of ups and downs just as a drama-filled YA book would be. But if you like the manga-style love story, you’ll love this.

clickThe second subtitled series I found on Netflix recently is called, Click Your Heart. I started watching before I understood the cool feature that this show has. This Korean series is choose-your-own-adventure. The girl is pursued by several different gentlemen and at the end of each episode you can choose which guy you’d like to see the love story blossom with. The episodes are then broken up into two different shows that you can watch depending on which guy you like. Navigating this on Netflix and trying to pick the right one might be difficult, but I just let it run and watched them both. This can confuse you sometimes because they exist on alternate time lines, so just remember that you are watching a different versions, not a running show. This series does not seem complete because there are only seven episodes on Netflix, but it’s produced in 2016, so perhaps more are coming.

The base of the story is that Kwon Min Ah is a transfer student who has a past. The rumors are that anyone near her dies or is injured. When she injures their star baseball player, the whole school turns against her, except for the grumpy baseball player filling once again the Mr. Darcy role. There are several young suitors that you can choose from at the end of each episode, but my favorite story line is the one featuring Kang Chani. I don’t want to spoil the surprise by divulging why, but just make sure you watch that one.

Are there any subtitled shows you romance shows you like? Please email us to share.

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