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Two Subtitled Movies Worth the Watch

I’m not usually a subtitle watcher, so when those Korean shows pop up on Netflix, I’m usually the last one to watch them. But I also really love manga and manhwa which are comic books from Japan and Korea so when I saw this clip for Noble My Love, I had to watch it. The other movie I found on YouTube in its entirety.noble

Noble My Love is a serial with 20 segments all lasting about 15 minutes. It reminds me of the YouTube webisodes that have popped up in recent years like The Guild and The Lizzie Bennet Diaries. It has cute manga-like styling with the music, the story, and the animals having thought bubbles pop up over their heads. The guy has that Mr. Darcy quality where he is grumpy about everything, but pretty cute, especially when he de-shirts after he accidentally gets stabbed. The girl is cute and kind of clumsy which I enjoy. Can’t have those girls being too perfect in the story can we? Although this story has some flaws in the women department like the man being called the dominant and her the submissive at every turn and a little of the male-dominant society feeling that goes on in Korean, the girl does fight back. Despite the guy being egotistical and over-controlling, he has a sweetness about him that I enjoy, especially as he starts to fall in love with her. I really wish they would English dub them so that more people could enjoy it or even redo it in America, but for now we’ll have to endure the subtitles for the sake of a cute story. You can also watch the episodes one by one on YouTube starting with the Episode #1 below.

seducing2Seducing Mr. Perfect is a Korean film that is a bit more American-style and playable now on YouTube in its entirety. This movie has all the bells and whistles of a Meg Ryan rom-com with fun jazz music in the background and quirky work-related jokes. The leading man is the same leading man we’ve seen many times before. He’s grumpy, busy, and won’t let any girl derail his mission of world domination. The lead woman in this role is a little silly but she’s beautiful and plays the part of the wacky, confused older women perfectly. The leading man is nice to look at and is Korean, but from America, so he even speaks in English most of the time. This film makes me wonder if Korean offices are just like ours, or at least ours in the movies. Watch the full movie below.

So if you feel like you want to give subtitles a chance, try these out. And let me know if you have any others you like. I just hate watching something with subtitles that tanks at the end.


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