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Rich and Roulo: Desire by Emerian Rich and HE Roulo

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Heat Level: Fetish

Rich & Roulo, Volume 1 : DESIRE
D E S I R E: (verb) to wish or long for; crave; want.

Volume 1: DESIRE pushes the boundaries between burlesque and grotesque, featuring a pair of twisted obsession stories and one very naughty poem.

A faded tome wrapped with a red velvet ribbon falls into your possession.

A note attached reads, “To my love.”

As you open it, the spine creaks. Spiders scramble out and skitter across your leg. Startled, you rise and the book thuds to the floor in a puff of perfume-scented dust. Picking it up, you find the velvet ribbon crumbling. It breaks. Where the ribbon had formed a cross holding the novel shut, the cover is still dark and gold leafing inscribed in whirls outlines sensual bare flesh but the rest has faded away, leaving only a hint of naked lovers once sprawled across the luxurious leather.


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